Responsible Gaming

Everygame's aim is to offer a superb gaming experience to customers for recreational purposes. Everygame also recognizes that for a small group of people, gaming may not be for entertainment only. Part of our commitment involves our social responsibility to customers who need support to help manage their gaming experience which affects them negatively.

This section seeks to educate you on the options available to effectively manage your gaming experience.

What can you do?

  • Self-awareness
  • Set your spending limits
  • Self Exclusion

What can we do?

  • Setting spending limits
  • Opt out of wagering products
  • Self Exclusions


While most of our customers enjoy a gaming experience within their resources, it can be more challenging for some. How well do you manage your gaming experience?

If you think that you are experiencing challenges managing your gaming, please send an email to

Set your spending limits

We offer customers the option of managing their bank roll by setting deposit limits that best suit their needs.

You can take advantage of the following:

Setting spending limits

  • Request a maximum deposit limit per day, week or month.
  • Request a limited number of transactions per day, week or month.
  • Restrict access to wagering products (i.e. Poker, Casino)
  • Restrict ALL access to wagering.

For more please e-mail us at if you have any questions regarding setting your spending limits.

Self Exclusion

Self-exclusion allows you to customize your gaming experience here at Everygame. Although self-exclusion is an option for anyone to consider, it seeks to offer support to customers who may have lost control of their gambling experience.

If you feel that you have a gambling problem, self-exclusion is the ideal option for you.

Self-Exclusion allows you to restrict access to your account for:

  • a period determined by you
  • restricting access to wagering products (i.e. Poker, Casino)
  • restricting ALL access to wagering

How to Request Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion is a process and can only be formally put in place after you have completed and returned the self-exclusion form to us.

Please click here to complete the self-exclusion form.

Once you have completed the self-exclusion form please scan and send by e-mail to

What Happens Next?

Once we have received the self-exclusion form, we will update your account immediately to reflect your instructions and confirm this action by e-mail.


During self-exclusion we take reasonable measures to ensure we comply with your instructions.

Everygame seeks to adhere to your instructions. It is equally important that you uphold your commitment by not doing any of the below:

  • Register a new account.
  • Requesting account enabled during self-exclusion period.
  • Requesting restrictions removed from an account.
  • Requesting product restriction while within the self-exclusion process.
  • Provide inaccurate or incomplete information in a guise to by-pass the self-exclusion agreement.

Everygame will not be liable for any subsequent losses or damages should you take any of these actions to by-pass the self-exclusion agreement.

Should you require more information about this option please feel free to contact us via telephone, live chat or e–mail.

Must be 18 or older!

The prevention of underage gambling is an equally important aspect of our commitment to responsible gaming.

A customer can only be allowed to have an account if they are 18 years or older. At the point of registration, all accounts are reviewed by our security team to ensure that the information entered is accurate and true.

If an account is registered with a misrepresented date of birth in order to avoid the age restriction, the account will be immediately disabled and winnings, if any, will be forfeited to the gaming commission.

As an additional measure, Everygame is registered at Cybersitter. This website offers a filtering engine which facilitates full parental control.

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