Bet Slip Help

Our new bet slip is designed to improve your wagering experience: The following is a guide to placing your bets easier and faster than ever before!

The bet slip presents not only the selections you have made, but also the different wagering options available for these selections.

Usability at its best! Adjust the bet slip to fit your needs by expanding or collapsing the various sections (Single Bets, Parlays/Multibets, Scorecast, Teaser Bets). A customized betslip guarantees more efficient wagering and enables you to focus on winning!

Just add your selections, click on “Place Bets” and win!

Placing a parlay bet has never been easier! When adding more than one selection to your bet slip you can see all potential multibet offers at one glance: This includes all round robin bets (including doubles, trebles, 3-folds, 4-folds etc.) and of course the accumulator, the most attractive multibet!

All selections added to the bet slip are part of the accumulator and all other multibet options.

What are the main improvements for parlay bettors?

  • New multibet feature: Our new multibet feature brings round-robin bets to a new level as you can place multibets starting from 2-folds to 14-folds!
  • Place parlays with up to 14 selections: Our new bet slip enables you to place much more profitable parlay bets: Add up to 14 selections and see the total odds of our accumulator/parlay bet in your betslip! Winning has never been easier!
  • New variety of multibet options: Are you sick and tired of bookies who won’t allow you to place the parlay-combinations you want? So are we! The new, improved parlay betting allows you to add all potential selections that do not refer directly to other selections within the same parlay. This means that you can place all the parlay bets you have ever wished for!

Placing a stake amount in the “Singles” field in the “Multibet” section of the bet slip automatically adds the same amount to all potential single bets for your selections. You thus only need to type in one stake amount to place up to 14 single bets!

Just add a selection to your bet slip, click on the icon with the text “MAX” and see the maximum stake amount for the selection you have chosen. Please note that the maximum stake amount allowed is calculated for every bet market chosen, i.e. the maximum stake amount can differ significantly between wagers.

Go to the “Sportsbook Settings” section (located in your account area once you're logged in), chose your default stake and click on “Save Settings”. Your chosen default stake will automatically be added to your bet slip whenever a selection is made. To alter or remove your default stake, simply make the necessary change in the “Sportsbook Settings” section.
All wagers and transactions can be found in the “Account History” section of the website. Access the account history through your user menu.
By clicking on “View Bets” you will find all details of the bets to be confirmed. Just click on “Place Bets” to confirm the selected bets.
As sports betting is a dynamic process, the lines/odds are liable to change. By clicking on “Accept changes!”, the odds/lines selected are updated and can be used to place a bet again.
This simply means that the stake added to your bet slip exceeds your balance. Just click on “Credit account!” to use our 100% secure payment methods to fund your account and start winning!
In order to avoid risk issues, there is a maximum stake allowed for each selected bet. By adding a stake that exceeds the maximum stake limit, you receive this message that also includes the maximum stake allowed.

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